Jan 12, 2011

I haz new awardz!

I got these pretty awards from Purple Froggy Clay Stuff.Thank you! :)
I need to:
-Link back and thank my giver.
-State 7 facts about myself you may not know.
-Choose 15 other bloggers
-Let them know about the award

Hmm...The 7 facts about myself:

1.I blog with my cats.They have their own chair beside mine.
2.I refashion old clothes on a daily base,but I don't post any of them because all the pictures I take of the finished project sucks.
3.Every now and then I manage to tear out one of my dreads.>.<
4.I got thrown out of business school because of "bad behaviour" so after a year I signed in and finished medical school instead.
5.I sleep too much.
6.I'm terrified of deep water.
7.I make funny faces whe I sew or watch TV.

Ok,enough about me,now it's your turn! :)
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That's not 15,but I wanted everyone to join the fun. :)
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