Jan 19, 2011

All better now! :)

Thank you for all the support and positive thoughts!Mr.Móric is all better now! :)
We have a rough three days behind us.From all the throwing up and pain he had an attack and after that he didn't eat or drink anything.That's when I convinced my mom to take him to the Vet.I am sure someone or something was watching out and helping Móric,because the Vet said he would have died without help the first day.The lucky thing is that he is such a strong and healthy cat and that we took him to the doctor on time.
Turns out he had some kind of cat epidemic and after three painful injections and much love he is healing and feeling better now.
It was pure luck that my mom thought of the idea of giving him liver.It is his all time favorite food and for now he only eats liver,milk and water.But that is good,because he went without food for two days!
Now that he is healing I'm on to making him a big,soft pillow to rest on. :) He is sleeping all day and is still really calm but I am sure that after a few days he will be his good old trouble making self. :)
So once again thank you for all the support from me and Móric too! :)
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  1. Oh what a relief! Poor little fella.
    Keep us updated on his full recovery.