Jan 25, 2011

Elephant Pillows

A few years ago I tie dyed a scarf for myself,but I never wore it so the other day I decided to sew some pillows from it.The funny thing is,its an old cloth diaper.(my old cloth diaper) :)
It's purple with elephants so whats not to love?
I used black and white acrylic paint for the stencils,wich I found here and here.
I took apart an old pillow for the stuffing.I love the fact that this project cost me nothing and is from all reused materials.
I have an awful,boring brown couch wicj takes up half of my room,so I'm going to cover it with lovely,colorful pillows to chear it up.
I didn't make a tutorial,because it's as easy as it can get.
1.cut the cloth diaper in half
2.stencil the design on each half
3.fold it in half
4.sew it up
5.stuff it
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  1. divne stvarčice i ideje a za vas je nagradica na blogu http://milka-torbesasvimposebneijoponeto.blogspot.com/

  2. Great pillows, I always use up old cushions pillows, so much better for the environment than buying new stuffing and they turned out so cute too.