May 31, 2010

Today I want...

...more elephant figurines!
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These figurines are from Amazon.
Im a crazy elephant figurine collector.My mom started the hole thing,by buying me my first elephant 4 years ago.It was really hard (still is) to find elephants here,so it was a challenge.But Im in love with these beautiful creatures since the day I first saw one in the Zoo(I was two years old)
I have about 50 figurines,but I collect other stuff too.I have clothes,jewelry,bags,carpets,bottles... Anything I can make or buy.
And I love that people know this fact about me,so I get allot of gifts with elephants too.I think that from the 50 figurines I have,I bought only maybe 10. :) If you don`t know what to buy me,just get something with elephants! :)

When we have are own house I hope it will be full with my elephants! :)


Its raining non-stop.I wanted to work in the garden,pick some strawberries and bake my favorite cake.I needed to take a trip to the post office and the marketplace.
But this rain is washing away my plans...
Instead I`m stuck in the house listening to Bob Marley.
"The sun is shining,the weather is sweet
Make you want to move your dancing feet..."

A few days ago we had a hailstorm.My poor bicycle.

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I was so worried for my tomato plants.I bed out the plants a couple of weeks ago,they are still a bit weak.
When the storm was over I went out to check on them.The strawberries where completely covered with ice and water,and my baby tomato plants needed a cheer up too.They are doing fine now,except for the leaves.
They need a lot of love...


May 30, 2010

Did you know...

...that the elephant is the only mammal that can`t jump?
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The happy cake

Look what I made yesterday!
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I got the recipe from my mother-in-law.Its made from semolina ( that`s the new word I learned today!)and you get the color and flavor with Kool-Aid.I used Step.

You will need:
2 liters of water
1 liter milk
2 packages of instant pudding (vanilla flavored)
2 packages of Step or Kool-Aid (apple or kiwi flavor)
2 packages of Step or Kool-Aid (raspberry or orange flavor)
30 tablespoons of sugar
30 tablespoons of semolina

Heat up 1 liter water with 15 tablespoons of sugar.Wen the water starts to boil,put in the 15 tablespoons of semolina.You need to stir it all the time or it will get lumpy.Add the 2 packages of drink powder (the raspberry or orange flavored) Pour it in a form and wait for it to cool down.I used an oven pan covered with cellophane it wont stick to the sides.
Using the milk prepare the instant pudding as the instructions say.Pour it on the first layer and cool it down.
Prepare the same as the first layer,using the kiwi or apple flavored drink powder.Pour it on the first and second layer.Put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
Decorate the top with whipped cream.

Its really yummy and great for a summer day.And the kids will love it for sure. :)
The recipe was on Hungarian and its translated by me,so forgive me if there are some mistakes.


New crochet bracelets

These bracelets are so addicting,I just finished these for my swap partners.In the past month I made several of them,almost for all of my friends.
Mich-matching the colors and shapes of the beads is the most fun part.
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Maybe I should make one for myself too...

May 29, 2010

Today I want...

a metallic purple fridge!
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Check it out on Amazon.
This would mach my walls perfectly!I always wanted a mini fridge in my room.I wonder what I would store in it... :)
Having a fridge right next to my bed could do so much harm for my diet.Naaah,who cares,its purple! :)


Concert season`s beginning

At last,after a long winter concert season has arrived!
We are going to Belgrade Tuesday to see a concert where among others Joci`s band is playing too.Check them out on Myspace here.
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And this weekend we are going to see two Hungarian bands,Yack and Another Way perform in Senta.
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Let the adventures begin! :)


Latest creation

See Lollipop Ring and 1000's of others - or share your own on Cut Out + Keep

If you worked with clay before,this is a very simple project to make.
Twirl four colors of Fimo together,make a swirl from it and bake or cook it as the instructions say.The end of the lollipop is the inside of a pen that I cut to be the right length and glued to the lolli.
I prefer cooking the clay,because that way there is no danger of over baking it,and its much quicker to do.You just wait for the water to boil and cook your awesome creation for two minutes.
The color will fade a bit,but its way better then opening the oven and instead of your hard work finding a piece of black coal.I think we`w all been there...

And I love that everyone keeps asking me if my ring is from real sugar... :)

Check out this project here.


Frienship in bloom...

Gimmi five!
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*slap* Yeah!
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They are getting along now,but we had a few problems at first.There was some biting,fighting and moaning the first few hours.Then there was the faze when Cicko was really bored and tried to run away from Moric.But now its like the little one got the inner child out of Cicko.They teared apart my entire room...
I hope they will get along in the future too,they mean the world to me...


May 28, 2010

Welcome home Moric!

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I brought home my kitty from my mother-in-law`s house.At first I taught it will be a little crying after his mommy,but he acted like he was always living with me.So Moric has now officially moved in. :)

Moric and his angel piggy toy:
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Now to introduce him to my older cat Cicko...


" The Bucket List "

Over at crafty paradise Cut Out + Keep Snazzy Earrings started a topic of what we would want to do before we die.Well,here`s my list:

Buy our own house with a huge garden and kitchen
Go to as many concerts to perform and as audience
Get my entire left hand tattooed
Get two more piercings on my lower lip (hopefully in this year)
Be successful in something
Go to Halkidiki Greece
STAND NEXT TO AN ELEPHANT and stroke him,and feed him and talk to him... :D
Open an animal shelter
Buy a sewing machine
Get a French Bulldog
Learn to speak Romanian

Did you ever think about your "Bucket List" ?


May 27, 2010

Here it goes... I was thinking of starting a blog for a long time now,and at last Im here! :)
This blog will be about my crafts, craft tutorials, recipes, my pets, my photos, music, some thoughts, and maybe even my style.
Im from Serbia, I write on English because its much easier for me, so sorry if I make some errors.
Watch out Im coming! :)