Apr 27, 2011

Dreadlock Inspiration

Some of the pictures I'w been saving for inspiration and motivation to wear my dreads differently sometimes.

With all this crazy hair on my head I rarely have the time or motivation to do different hairstyles. I just tie them in a big bun and let them decide what they want. :) Most of the time I sleep with the bun,wake up in the morning and that's the hairdo for the day.
So...when summer comes I get all motivated and try out different stuff with them and these hairtsyles are just amazing. I already tried out the braided style.

My dread journey in a few words:

I ended up with dreads 3 years ago when I got one made ba a friend.And that single little lock lead to the hole head! I needed almost a hole year until I finished my entire head. (I made them myself with a crochet hook)
Then a year ago,I decided I wanted some loose hair,so I outcombed 15 dreadlocks in the front. Beside it beeing painful as hell it was a really bad idea and after a few months I realized how much I miss having a hole head full of them.
So now I am growing them back! I started neglecting my hair two weeks ago and the results are already showing! These are my very first natural locks,I wont be crocheting them at all.
I have baby dreadlings! :) And they are getting along beautifuly with my 3year old dreads.
Oh,and I made some dreadbeads from scraps of polymer clay.Here are the ones I made from wire.
I will be posting some pictures when they start locking up even more.
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  1. Have you tried doing them using dish detergent? It's basically like felting only for hair :)

  2. Never tried it,I try to keep myself from using any products only soap. :)