Dec 10, 2010

Done and packing!

I can't believe that I'm actually done with all my stuff and it's already packing time! :) We are leaving in five hours to Senta,we have a concert there so my best friend will take us in and I will get to spend there 3 days,Sunday Joci is coming home and I'm staying because the fair starts on Monday!woohooo! :)
I just wanted to share my shiny new bracelet display.I found this awesome idea of making one from paper rolls at Blah to Tada.She covers the rolls with fabric,but I just made some glue from flour and water,covered it with newspaper and painted two layers of acrylic paint.
Now with the bracelets:
Also I just found out that I'm going to teach some kids on making some paper and fabric flowers at the fair. :)
Now just to post two tutorials and I'm off to pack!:)
See you all in 1O days! :)
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  1. You will be missed. You have all my best wishes that everything turns out wonderfully for you, the concert, craft fair, time with deserve it. <3

  2. Aww thanks Dustee! I will miss you all so much! :) <3