Jul 9, 2010

Happy day

I had such a happy birthday!
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Joci woke me up with a huge happy birthday kiss before leaving to work,so it was a good start. :)
We went for some drinks and shopping with my friend,my mom surprised me with a cake,I got a new muffin pan from granny and a cool backpack and necklace from Joci.And he never forgets the big bar of chocolate. :)
After that we went for drinks to the local bar with some friends.It was a happy day.
I made a large lolli pop from pendant and an ice cream brooch from clay.
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Now I need to figure out what to get for Joci's birthday...And I can't wait for our party next Saturday.We celebrate our birthday together,it's much easier. :)
Ill need to do some baking too.I planned to make kiflis,a cake,tiny patty's with cheese and home made chocolate! :) Will be posting the recipes. :)
Back to making the earrings for the swap.
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  1. hi there vi
    just like to say...a very big happy belated birthday to you... ^_^
    i haven't been on cut out and keep for a week or two due to making stuff for friends so i'm really sorry for missing your birthday...it looks like you had a great day though...
    hope you had a good weekend as well... :)

  2. Awww thank you hun,thats so sweet of you! :)