Jun 3, 2010

What`s up with repair guys?!

Seriously...Does every repair guy have an evil little repair guy sitting on their shoulder telling them not to fix stuff in time?
I burned down the adapter/charger thing for my laptop three weeks ago.The power went off in the house and I had to switch it back on by hand.I forgot to plug the laptop before I did that,so I returned to a stinky room and a smoking adapter.Blaah...
Joci swore he could fix it,but as usual he opened it and didn`t know to put it back together.The four DVD players laying around ripped apart should gave me a hint on how "the man" fixes things...
So here comes the lovely repair guy in picture.
He said he can fix it in two days!Its been THREE WEEKS now!
Today,when I called (again) he tells me he knew the first time I brought it in that he cant fix it,I should buy a new one!
Why on earth say you can fix it if you knew you cant?!
Did his repair man ego stop him from admitting he cant?Or was it the evil little repair guy?

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