Jun 3, 2010

Did you know...

...that recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to watch TV for 3 hours?
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10 ways to reuse glass jars:

1.for storing beads,buttons,zippers,safety pins or any craft supplies
2.pour candles and wick in them
3.decoupage or paint them and use them as vases (I do this to glass bottles too)
4.make a Christmas tree from Fimo,glue it on the inside of the lid,fill the jar with water and glitter,put the lid on and you have a snow globe for the holidays.
5.wrap some yarn on the jar,leave out only small parts-if you put a candle in it it will make beautiful reflections on the wall in the dark.
6.use them for storing dried herbs,spices or tea
7.fill them with color pencils and the kids will love it.
8.attach some hangers from wire,put some candles in each jar and hang them in the garden
9.make some homemade marmalade and re-fill the jars
10.draw or glue some animal faces on the lids,add a magnet to the back and use them as fridge magnets.

Here are some of my glass bottle projects on Cut Out and Keep,you can find the tutorial here.

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  1. i did the number 4, the snowglobe one, with my nephew last Christmas, they were tiny jars but it worked really well