Sep 8, 2010


The lovely Raki invited me to join this fun game.Check out her work at her blog she makes amazing bags and refashions.Thank you Raki for letting me play! :)

The rules are:
-name the person who invited you
-list 1O things you LOVE
-invite 1O other people to play

Simple and fun. :)

So here are my 1O things:

1.the people in my life.Family and friends who love and inspire me.My mom who made me the crafty person who I am today,my Joci who is my love,support and best friend at the same time for 5 years now,my 3 best friends,my Cut Out and Keep friends (love you guys),the band and every person who is with me. cats.I would be alone all day if my cats wouldn't be here with me. :) they are a piece of my heart and my best friends.I love every animal.

3.crafting.I can't imagine a day without crafting.that would be the most boring day of my life.

4.without music Earth would be a sad place. bed.Its the safest place ever.I craft,blog,read,draw,knit,crochet,live on my bed. :) and baking for other people.Coming up with new recipes and seeing how others enjoy the food I made. give presents without any reason.just to say I love you.

8.concerts.going to a gig with dance and have fun.summer camps and festivals.,bags,scarfs,accesories.I collect them with passion and sometimes I look like a Christmas tree. :) laugh and to make people laugh.I'm always a clown and the person who cheers up others.I sometimes irritate people who don't know me with my unstoppable laughing.:)

Now here comes the list of people:
1.KitKat's Katchat
2.Kiddo's shenanigans
3.Miss Shivi
4.Special's blog
6.World of Loulou
7.My Peach didn't grow on a tree
9.Crafty LoO's
1O.Crafts and creations with Kmom14

Join the fun! :)

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