May 31, 2010


Its raining non-stop.I wanted to work in the garden,pick some strawberries and bake my favorite cake.I needed to take a trip to the post office and the marketplace.
But this rain is washing away my plans...
Instead I`m stuck in the house listening to Bob Marley.
"The sun is shining,the weather is sweet
Make you want to move your dancing feet..."

A few days ago we had a hailstorm.My poor bicycle.

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I was so worried for my tomato plants.I bed out the plants a couple of weeks ago,they are still a bit weak.
When the storm was over I went out to check on them.The strawberries where completely covered with ice and water,and my baby tomato plants needed a cheer up too.They are doing fine now,except for the leaves.
They need a lot of love...


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