May 29, 2010

Latest creation

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If you worked with clay before,this is a very simple project to make.
Twirl four colors of Fimo together,make a swirl from it and bake or cook it as the instructions say.The end of the lollipop is the inside of a pen that I cut to be the right length and glued to the lolli.
I prefer cooking the clay,because that way there is no danger of over baking it,and its much quicker to do.You just wait for the water to boil and cook your awesome creation for two minutes.
The color will fade a bit,but its way better then opening the oven and instead of your hard work finding a piece of black coal.I think we`w all been there...

And I love that everyone keeps asking me if my ring is from real sugar... :)

Check out this project here.



  1. your ring totally rocks, I have done my share of clay and do alot of lollipop charms but never a ring.

  2. Thank you!This was my first ring! :)

  3. I had no idea you could cook Fimo/polymer clay. Wow!

    I'm much more likely to make things with it now I don't have to faff around with a specially craft-dedicated oven.

    Thanks for sharing!