Jul 23, 2011

Chaotic Summer

I miss my blog. But that's what I get when I plan too much for one summer.
The chaos started when we left for a festival in the mountains (Joci's band had a gig there) We had a great time as always.It is a great place to go back to every year. Nature itself is worth the long ride.
When we got home I started work the next day. Exhausting,hard work on the fields. Since I need the money for camp and all the other trips I planned I worked a lot and didn't have any free time left. After working for two weeks I had a 4 day long vacation that ended by me getting even more tired.
We made 3O pairs of wet felted earrings with Anna and attempted to sell them at the Exit Festival for those 4 days.
Well lets just say it didn't go as well as we suspected. Festival people where more in to buying beer, hamburgers and plastic crap then handmade jewelry. We made some money, but I need a few more craft fairs until all the earrings are gone to a new home.
I'll get a better picture of the earrings.
After that I had my birthday party wich was fine except that my borther got hit by a car (luckily he's doing just fine,not even a scratch) So that ruined the day,but when my friends came over and we had a few drinks the day got better. :) (especially after I opened one of my presents and saw my new elephant)
After my birthday party I started working on the fields again,I got such a nice tan,it's really weird on me. :)
Today we are having a barbeque with some friends,since we missed out on a festival because of work. Then I have one more week of work wich will be totally worth it,since next weekend felting camp is starting!! :) I'm teaching the kids felting again,only this year we added one afternoon of basic crocheting and a few embroidery lessons too. This way the kids can crochet the straps for their felted bags and they can embroider the designs on there own. I can't wait. :)
I leave you with a picture of the 3 cuties at Joci's place. (We are expecting Tiny Lilly's babies any day now)
So,this was the story of my chaotic summer so far. And this was only one month!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!
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  1. Yay! Great to hear from you! I hope you have more fun during the remaining summertime. I've been busy too and have let my blog lag.
    I have goals of doing better next week. Ha! We'll see!
    Post pictures of your lessons if you can!

  2. Thanks Poe!It's nice to be back. :) I'll be sure to take pictures and I'll try and not leave my usb cable at home like last year,so I can blog from camp when the kids are sleeping. :)