Aug 4, 2010

Camp Life

So its day five,1O in the morning in camp and everything is going awesome!
I forgot to bring my camera's USB cable,so I can't show you pictures until I get home...
The kids are brilliant and sooo creative,every project is unique and beautiful.At the moment they are makig beaded animals!You should see there little tongues sticking out while they concentrate. :)
So far I made two bags,a batik dyed scarf and shirt and a cellphone pouch for Joci.
My only problem is my feet are swolen so badly that even my socks are small...but its from standing and running around all day.
I taught a few kids to crochet too!Today we are going to finish our wet felted stuffed toys!we have two bears,two turtles,a donkey,a gekko and a mouse so far.
My mom called yesterday to tell me I got a package from lovely Dessah!I cant wait to see whats inside! :)
Off I go to check out my present!a girl is beading a fly brooch for me! :)

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